Prechtl is a reliable provider of tour deliveries and private intra-company carriage services - according to predefined routes - ideal services for all bases - punctuality - customer proximity - we guarantee that everything will go to the place your businesses need it.

Do you serve predefined routes where specified drop-offs have to take place at precise times? Do you need a reliable company to conduct these tour deliveries? Do your centres of operation need regular supplies of spare parts or production parts? Talk to us! We can find the ideal solution for your business. We tailor our services to your precise requests and requirements - whether for local branches, customers or deliveries to other centres of operations.

We help you to avoid annoying and expensive production delays and standstills. Whether you need to transport pallet goods, spare parts, documents, bulky cargo or other goods and parts, Prechtl tour services takes the worries off your shoulders - you can rely on us! Contact us now!

Your questions

Which goods can be transported via tour deliveries?

From documents up to pallets.

Are there possibilities for deliveries on weekends or holidays?

We are happy to assist you with deliveries on weekends and holidays.

How does Prechtl gurantee the reliability of the tour deliveries?

With proper vehicles including GPS and trained staff.

Further Transport Services

Further Transport Services

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