We take on these tasks for you:

Commissioning - Packaging - Labelling - Transportation / delivery of ordered goods - Returns management - Incoming goods inspection - Invoicing of delivered goods - Complaints et al.

Prechtl is an expert provider of storage logistics services and all kinds of optimised storage. We help you to concentrate on the things you really enjoy doing: Your core business.

Our storage logistics services are designed to meet all the expectations placed on modern enterprise resource planning. We provide seamless support for the whole logistics chain for your products - all the way to your customers. If there should ever be any complaints, we deal with them with the same degree of professionalism.

Prechtl & Storage logistics:


  • Creation of a storage management procedural plan
  • Detailed definition of transport and shipment management processes
  • Registration of data via standardised IT methods
  • Assumption of ordering and material handling
  • Commissioning of the entire product portfolio
  • Production of shipping lists, complaints management
  • Management of all shipping requirements
  • Self-dependent handling of the logistical transport chain
  • Your stocks are protected by acknowledged security companies

How you benefit from storage outsourcing:


  • You save time, resources and staff.
  • You avoid unnecessary problems with dissatisfied suppliers.
  • You can guarantee your goods are always sent the most efficient way possible.
  • You no longer have to deal with complaints or returned goods.
  • You can be assured that your goods are well protected and safely stored.

You benefit from our handling expertise and can simplify operational logistics immensely!

Are you curious? We look forward to advising you on all aspects of storage logistics. Contact us now!

Further Transport Services

Further Transport Services