We provide:

Private household relocations - company relocations, offices etc. - Relocation helpers for transportation and safe packaging - Relocation transporter of a suitable size

Prechtl & relocations / Furniture transportation:

  • We help you relocate.
  • We work with you to determine the right size of transporter and the ideal number of assistants you will require.
  • We can also perform the task of transporting and positioning each item of furniture (Furniture transportation).
  • Customised relocation services - Whatever your requirements

Are you overwhelmed by the task of impending relocation? Does your company have to relocate without enough resources to complete the task alone?

No problem! Prechtl would be happy to help. We perform relocations, furniture transportation and removals for private and corporate customers with specialised helpers, the right transporters and safe hands!

Punctuality, safe hands during transportation and expert handling of your valuable items are what our business is built on. Contact us now!

Your questions

How much is cost of a relocation transport?

It depends on the transport distance and on the amount of time/personnel needed.

Does Prechtl offer transport of simple furniture?

Yes, we also offer transportation of furniture with several different transport services.

What is important to check before a relocation?

Detailed list of furniture.
Do you need dismantling or packing of goods?
Local conditions.

How far in advance should the request be made?

1 day with smaller relocations or transport of furniture.
When relocating a apartement we need a planning of 3 work days.

Further Transport Services

Further Transport Services