Direct deliveries over the shortest distances. Everything arrives quickly with our courier service. Express deliveries with pick-ups and drop-offs right across Europe. Bespoke express service. Same-day delivery.

Fast reaction times. Express deliveries with live status inquiries. Europe-wide collection and delivery - that's the express service from PRECHTL.

Our express deliveries guarantee you have a logistical basis run on the principle: 'No distance is too great - whatever you send'.

Our network of logistics partnerships ensures we have access to more than 1500 vehicles every day to serve all express and direct delivery demands.

Try us out - we look forward to advising you!

Prechtl & Express deliveries:


  • Reliable assurances
  • Transparent tracking, always live
  • International express deliveries - pick-up service too
  • Range of vehicle sizes to suit your exact requirements
  • Great value-for-money, expert advice
  • Express deliveries 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Customised transportation solutions

Your questions

Which regions and countries are delivered via express?

Whole Europe, from A to Z. Further Informations on our site supplier countries

Which information are required for a precise offer?

How big an heavy is the delivery?
From where to where should be delivered?
When should the delivery be picked up and delivered?
Are there any special requirements?

I want something to be picked-up. Does Prechtl offer a pickup service?

Yes, we deliver from house to house.

Which hights/mass can be delivered with express?

From documents up to machines, everything can be transported.

Further Transport Services

Further Transport Services